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Notturna di San Giovanni Marathon

Florence event | Notturna di San Giovanni Marathon

When: 24 June 2017
Where: Florence, Italy

Running through the heart of Florence, for a magic sport night for everybody. Rediscover the magic atmosphere of Florence historical center through one of the most ancient street races in Italy: Saturday, June 17th the Notturna di San Giovanni will take place over an agonistic 10 kilometer route curling along the most beautiful monuments in the city.

As on the occasion of the latest four past editions, the Florentine race proposes also a reduced non-competitive route 4, 7 kilometers long, suitable to anybody, from children to families, to live the emotion of running among ageless beauty. It is one of the most ancient street races in Italy (reaching its 74th edition) organized on the occasion of the patron saint of Florence. Traditionally the race takes place at night with start and arrival in Piazza San Giovanni in front of the Cathedral parvis. The race starts at 9.00pm in piazza Duomo and ends in the splendid scenery of Piazza S. Giovanni on the parvis of the Cathedral.

Approximately 1.500 people aged between 20 and 60 will participate in the race. The very large public of Florentines and tourists creates a unique frame together with the beauty of Florence monuments. Since six years, the race is preceded by a considerably charming relay race around the Cathedral. Both races are among the events scheduled by the Councillorship for Florentine Popular Traditions Enhancement.

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Florence, Italy